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Translate your words into more than 150 languages! At FIDUS Translations, we have selected a team of professional translators specialised in more than 20 sectors  who are eager to help you translate your words from one language into another. 

Send us your documents and we will find the perfect translator for you.

Our Translations Services

At FIDUS Translations we offer an  expansive range of professional translation services, we can translate any type of document from letters, emails, technical manuals to HTML or web applications. Connect across Languages!

Our Translations Services

Document Translations

Document Translations

Expert personal translations by our professional native linguists in more than 150 languages. Our document translations are Reliable, Fast and Cost-Effective services.

At FIDUS Translations we aim you to break down the Language barriers! 

You can email us a scanned copy of your document, or you can just send us a Word, Excel, Power Point … file. Our project managers will review the files and will send you a free quotation with the price and deadlines immediately.

Braille Services

Braille Translations Services

Reading and learning should not be an impediment for anyone. That is why, at FIDUS Translations, we want all visually impaired people to be able to read everything they want to through our Braille services.

Some examples of translated documents into Braille: eBooks, magazines, brochures, letters, emails, menus… We also offer Certified, Notarised and Legalised Braille Translations. 

The formats we can offer for these translations are:

  • Braille Grade 1
  • Braille Grade 2
  • Braille Grade 1 (UEB)
  • Braille Grade 2 (UEB)

Remember that we can translate into any language (please note that we can do this if the documents supplied are in English).

The FIDUS Translations team of expert translators will help you to globalise all the material you need in Braille. Remember that many companies, organisations, and increasingly public premises are obliged by law to provide documents in Braille.

Go global with FIDUS in Braille!

Machine Translations

Machine Translations

Automated translations by our computer software. At FIDUS Translations we are technology friendly, and we support the fast and cost- effective solutions that machine translation offers specially for global business and organisations. Please note that all our automated translations are always checked over by one of our professional linguists.

Reduce time and costs… It’s time to give technology a chance!

Certified Translations

Certified Translations

There are some bodies and institutions that require different levels of certification in order to accept a translation of a legal document. Certified translations by FIDUS Translations are accepted by many government agencies and institutions in the UK and abroad. These Official Translations can be notarised, certified, or legalised according to your needs.

Birth Certificates, Medical certificates, Reference Letters, Property papers, Evidence intended for use in court, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Prescriptions, Medical Records, Divorce Certificates, Diplomas, Academic Certificates and Training Certificates are the documents that usually need Certified Translation. 

At FIDUS Translations we work with highly experienced certified translators from UK and abroad. We can offer the following types of certifications: 

Mobile App

Mobile App Translations

Are you looking for application translation services ? FIDUS Translations is the answer. Mobile application development has grown so fast in the past years, and this is just the beginning. This innovative and special service requires the work of professional linguists that are also qualified in technology. 

Nowadays, the translation of mobile apps, websites, games, search tools and social network plug-ins is essential. No matter if the app has been developed for Android, iOS, or any other system, at FIDUS we will help you as we do not believe in limits. Hit the market translating your app in different languages!

Sworn Translations

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations are certified translations required in some other countries. Please note that all the sworn translators in our database are authorised by the corresponding governments to officially certify translated documents. 

In some countries it is possible to become a sworn translator (registered translators with the courts of a country). This concept does not exist in UK. However, we can provide this type of translations

Legalised (Apostille)

Legalised Translations (Apostille)

If you are asked for a legalised translation or “apostille” do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for authentication) will confirm that the signature, stamp, or seal on the translations are genuine. The legalised documents will have a stamped official certificate ( Apostille) attached.

The legalised translations are usually needed when the documents are to be presented overseas. The process is the same as for the notarised translation, but with an additional step; the documents have to be presented to the FCDO

Notarised Translations

Notarised Translations

Notarised translations are usually requested by government agencies, legal bodies or to be used abroad.

The process involves a FIDUS representative going to the office of our preferred Notary Public with the source documents (most of the times the original is requested), the translation and the letterhead for our Notary all in one bundle. The Notary signs and marks the translation with the  official seal.

Project Analysis

To ensure the highest quality we assign your project to one of our dedicated and professional project managers. They are in charge of checking your files and analyse them before looking for the perfect translator.


A specialized translator will carefully translate your files. You do not have to worry about anything because our FIDUS managers will be the whole time in contact with your translator.


Your assigned project manager will review the files and will do a final quality assurance (QA). If required, with DTP’s extra service all translated documents will be graphically edited to be exact copies of the original


FIDUS has 3 delivery options adapted to your needs such as EMAIL, POST or you can visit us for a coffee at our premises. New and Exclusive shipment of a USB-Pendrive content for maximum security and confidentiality.

Find Error-Free Financial Translation Services in Manchester

When it comes to the financial services industry, accuracy and proficiency are essential for your success. The team of financial translators and the latest financial translation software at FIDUS translations help deliver high-quality translations at competitive rates.

We specialise in providing financial translations for various well-known financial institutions and corporations. It is a much specialised area that we at FIDUS translations are learned at.

Covering a Wide Area That Continues To Expand

From financial products and services, investment banking, credit risk, insurance to asset management and venture capital, we cover an extensive area to provide you with the best Manchester translations services. We have loyal clients who rely on our translations for a wide range of material that comprise rating agency reports, specific fixed income, due diligence, annual reports, and equity research.

Our high-quality deliveries have resulted in an increase in our financial translation and language services. We have native-speaker specialists and qualified linguists who know these industries inside and out. They remain ahead of the changes and are up-to-date with the latest terminology to make sure each project is a success.

Our Specialist Financial Translators Have Got Your Back

FIDUS Translations, as one of the best translation agencies in Cardiff, has experts who provide you with high-quality translation services that are tailored to meet your needs. Before assigning you a financial translator, we match the expertise of the translator to the subject matter of your documents. We also create a translation memory or glossary for you that assures that the financial terminology is consistent throughout your business communication.

Get in touch with FIDUS Translations to learn more about our industry-leading translation services.

Client-tailored Project Management

To guarantee you top-notch service, direct communications, and timely deliveries, each client is assigned a single project manager. Since too many cooks spoil the broth, it helps in removing any misunderstanding and confusion that might result from miscommunications.

The project manager works with the financial translators and proofreaders to make use that any linguistic issue that might arise is promptly resolved and that the timeline of each translation project is respected.

Glossaries are an imperative part of our quality assurance cycle. Therefore, they are built and maintained centrally. For our regular clients, the glossaries reflect any specific client-internal terminology so that each translation is stylistically identical to the corporate communications used by the client.

Through this diligent translation process we ensure high quality and consistency throughout the documents that might be split between two or more translators and across multiple copies owned by the same client.

We offer our translation services in Birmingham too. Therefore, you no longer need to search for the best financial translation services agency near you, as FIDUS Translations is here to help you!

You don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your documents as we uphold the highest professional values and are aware of the sanctity of our work. Your documents remain safe with us, with all the sensitive information inaccessible to anyone other than the translators who are loyal, professional, and sign a non-disclosure agreement before beginning work on any of our projects.

Our Core Values


Our company certification come with a signed and stamped declaration from FIDUS that states that the translated documents have been carried out by professional , competent translators and that they are a true and accurate translations of the original documents. This certificate of authenticity is the most basic form of a certified translation and is usually required by the UK Home Office, institutions (universities, schools…) and other national bodies. We can certify documents in more than 150 languages.


Our team of highly professional native translators and managers work 24/7. All our translators have more than 5 years of experience and are specialized in more than 20 sectors (legal, medical, financial, marketing, technical, gaming…). Most of them are certified by accredited translation organizations. You can choose the translation service that best suits your needs: Certified Translations, Official Translations, Website Translations, Legal Translations, Medical Translations, Financial Translations, IT Translations, Sworn Translations


Confidentiality is one of the most important steps in our translation process. At FIDUS we guarantee that all the information and sensitive content we have aceess to is safe with us and won´t be distributed to anyone else. All the translated documents from medical records to legal documents will be kept private and safe. We mantain strict guidelines that is why all our translators sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement and exclusive clauses before starting to work at FIDUS.


Our clients are always our top priority, that is why we will assign from the very beginning an exclusive project manager for your translation. Our professional native- speaking translators alongside our project managers will make sure that the final quality of your translation is exquisite.


All translation services are completed and delivered on time, even those with short and tight deadlines. According to our clients our on-time delivery rate is 99.9%.

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