Localisation Services in London

Localisation Services

The time to globalise and internationalise your website/software has come! 

Localisation is a very special and innovative service that requires the work of professional linguists who are not only qualified in translation, but also in cultural knowledge of the target language and the country. Localisation refers to the process of taking a product (website, digital platforms…) and adapting it to a new region for the consumption of its inhabitants. 

At FIDUS we want to help you to expand your business around the world. Our localisation services will help your audience to feel that the product you want to launch was made for them. This will be possible thanks to our team of professionals who will help your app, website or software to be as successful and adaptable as possible.

     + 150 languages

     + 1200 professional linguists 

      +  Advice and assistance in your Localisation Services 24/7

We cannot wait to help you to achieve your business goals localising your websites, apps, eLearning modules, etc.

The most common ones at FIDUS are:

E learning

Elearning Localisation

Due to the pandemic, many companies and organisations have chosen to train their employees/learners through eLearning distance learning courses.

According to statistics, training in the native language of the employee/student is much more effective, as it helps them to understand everything perfectly.

ELearning takes many different forms, written content, video, audio, images, graphics, user experience elements (coding, buttons…) and formatting (currency, time, date) are the most common elements that need localisation. 

At FIDUS Translations, we help you to translate and adapt all the content of your courses so that your employees/learners can absorb it quickly and efficiently.


Website Localisation

Nowadays, having a website is not enough to give your business a global presence . Websites are critical components of the marketing, that is why they must be appealing and understandable. 

For most of the customers the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price. If your company is looking for global business opportunities in overseas market, you should make sure that the target languages match your brand’s style and personality.

Remember that a well-executed localisation service can support future growth and success for your business. 

Why website localisation?

Website localisation is the best investment you can do for your global business. Thanks to this service you will be able to connect with customers who speak other language and thus enable them to buy your services or products. 

 Let the FIDUS Team refine your website content through culture, language and flow to provide the most useful and amazing experience for your


Software Localisation

Avoid cultural and local conflicts with FIDUS Translations. Let us adapt your software products to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of your target market. Thanks to our software localisation services you will reach a much larger target audience. This process not only involves translation, but also design and UX changes in order to make your software look natural to the target audience.

 Why software localisation?

 Have you ever tried to set up an electronic device in another language? Frustrating? You know now the importance of software localisation. Do not let your customers get confused with the instructions or design of your software and let them understand all the text. Remember that a poor localise software can damage your brand loyalty and sales. 

Our specialized linguists will localise the content of your software with extra care. We localize any software (Apps, Games, Websites, CMSs and platforms).

 Break all the cultural barriers and reach unlimited markets!

Mobile App

App Localisation

Are you looking for application localisation services ? FIDUS is the answer. Mobile application development has grown so fast in the past years, and this is just the beginning. This innovative and special service requires the work of professional linguists that are also qualified in technology. 

Nowadays, the localisation of mobile apps, websites, games, search tools and social network plug-ins is essential. No matter if the app has been developed for Android, iOS, or any other system, at FIDUS Translations we will help you as we do not believe in limits.

We use professional app localisation platforms, software, glossaries and translation memories. Our team will develop tailored connectors and integrators for your system file formats. Remember that we will update your project frequently as development and localisations happen simultaneously. 

Why localise your APP?

Thanks to the localisation services your international clients will improve their user experience and the app downloads in other countries and regions will increase notoriously. The most important thing is to build lifetime loyalty with your app users. 

Hit the market localising your app in different languages! 


Game Localisation

Game Localisation is the process of adapting your game to the different regions of your clients, so they feel that the game has been made for them. This is a complex process as there are various translation, instruction and technical steps that need to be taken into account. This service can really make a difference!

Our team of professional linguist gamers will test the video game first so they can build a strong term base and detailed guidelines in order to successfully localise your video game.

Why localise your Video Game?

Nowadays, online gamers are worldwide, having a localised game means broader the players and the audience. Localising your game will improve the user experience and also the sales. It will also increase the number of downloads and it will help you to keep your place in the market.

At FIDUS we can also offer scripts and voiceover services for your game. Invest in your Game with our Localisation Services!



     Send us an email or ask for a QUOTE in our website.

The project manager will contact you and will help you to compile a glossary, monitor deadlines and calculate the price.

Accept the project

The translator will start to work.

The project manager will be in charge to look the best-suited linguistic for your project



Send us an email or ask for a QUOTE in our website. The project manager will contact you and will help you to compile a glossary, monitor deadlines and calculate the price.

Accept the project

The translator will start to work. The project manager will be in charge to look the best-suited linguistic for your project

Double Check

Localization is tested. We will check that the localized strings display correctly. & The project will be finalized and delivered to you!


Customized Localisation Services

Our linguists will adapt your website, app or software to the taste of the target language or country.

Technology Friendly

We use professional localisation platforms, CAT-tools, translation memories and glossaries. Thanks to our technology systems we can offer higher accuracy, consistency and speed in our services.s.

Qualified Native Speakers

We only used native speakers for this service. Our linguists will always advice you about the terms that are not culturally correct. They ar all highly-trained and skilled




Grow Your Business

We will help you hit the market in more than 150 languages. We offer solutions for business of all sizes, from the small to the big ones.

File Formats that we work with…

Android .xml, iOS .strings, htm, .html, .xhtml, .haml, .stringsdict, Windows .resx, , .arb, .vdf, .wxl, .nsh, .properties, .odg, .odp, .wiki, .dtd, .po, .pot, .php, .json, .ini, .csv, .js, .plist, .xlf, .xliff, .stf, .dita, .ditamap, .toml, .gotext.json .ts, .rc, .resw, .resjson, .yml, . .txt, .md, .xht, .srt, .vtt, .sbv, .mif, .idml, .docx, .svg, .pdf, .xaml,.idml, .rtf, .ppt, .odt, .ods,.flsnp, .flpgl, .fltoc, .md, .xht.

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