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Do you need an interpreter? FIDUS Translations offers you different face to face and remotely   interpreting services from conferences, informal meetings or medical & legal proceedings to personal interpreting services for travels. 

Choose the most suitable service for your needs and we will select the most qualified interpreter for you.

We have handpicked more than 2,000 qualified interpreters covering more than 150 languages. They will help you to speak to any audience!

Our Interpreting Services

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive is when the interpreter listens to a section of speech and then translates what has been said .

At FIDUS Translations, we recommend this type of service for individual or small group contexts . All our interpreters work both from and into their mother tongue and some of them are even qualified to interpret between two or more languages.


Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is complex, not all the interpreters are capable of performing it. They need to be experienced, trained and specialized.

The simultaneous interpreter interprets the speech as it is spoken, to keep up with the speaker, the interpreter has to translate quickly without even to stop and think.

This type of service is recommended for more complex conferences, large events, trade shows or meetings where two or more languages are required. This type of service is much more complex, as the interpreter, who is only allowed to interpret into his or her mother tongue, works sometimes from a soundproof booth or room and listens to the speaker through a headset. The interpreter uses a microphone to translate the speech! This service can be done also remotely. 

At FIDUS, we take care of renting the necessary equipment for this type of interpreting (booths, conference microphones and headsets), if required by the client.

BLS British Sign Language

BLS (British Sign Language)

Did you know that British Sign Language (BSL) is the second most widely used language in the UK after English? FIDUS’ team of BSL interpreters have been selected directly from the NRCPD (National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People) database and look forward to helping you.

Exclusive to UK clients (Let us know in case you need this service in any other Country).

Video Remote

Video Remote Interpreting

At FIDUS Transaltions we are adapting to the new times, which is why, we offer remote interpreting services through a video link.

VRI allows different groups of people to communicate without the physical presence of an interpreter. Reduce time and costs and trust our team of professionals. It’s time to give technology a chance!

All the connections can be made virtually from anywhere on any device with internet connection. It’s time to give technology a chance!


Telephone Interpreting

One of the most economical interpreting services offered by FIDUS Translations is the telephone interpreting service . This type of interpreting is more limited as it covers a smaller number of people.

At FIDUS, we recommend this type of service for emergency situations , unexpected events, situations where you want to preserve your privacy or for quick conversations (max. 30 minutes).


Chuchotage Interpreting

Whisper interpreting is recommended for short meetings in which one or a maximum of three people do not master the working language. Our interpreter will translate (whispering) the message of the speaker and vice versa simultaneously.


Travel Interpreting

Escort or travel interpretation is when an interpreter is assigned to a client in order to accompany them for a business trip, etc. The interpreter helps the client not only in business affairs but also in mundane tasks like arranging the transportationordering meals, etc.

This one is the perfect service for interviews, travels, sightseeing tours, and for international visitors. Ideal for busy executives on business trips abroad.

At FIDUS we have a team of interpreters specialized in this type of travel interpreting.

Our Core Values


Confidentiality is one of the most important points in our translation process. All our interpreters sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement before starting to work at FIDUS.

All the information shared during the interpretation process will be confidential


All interpreting services will start on time, even those with short and tight deadlines. According to our clients our on-time interpreting services rate is 99.9%.


Our clients are always our top priority, that is why we will assign from the very beginning an exclusive project manager for your interpreting project. Our professional native- speaking interpreters alongside with our project managers will make sure that the communication will be fluent and of high quality.


Our project managers will look for the most affordable interpreters around the globe.


Our team of highly professional native interpreters and managers work 24/7. All our interpreters have more than 5 years of experience and are specialized in more than 20 sectors (legal, medical, financial, marketing, technical, gaming…). Most of them are certified by accredited interpreting organizations.

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Recommends these services for …


There is nothing more frustrating than visiting the doctor and not being able to explain how you feel. This is a reality for thousands of people around the world every day. Our health is the most valuable thing we have and we need to take care of it. Understanding the doctor´s advice is a must!

Make sure you do not miss any information booking an interpreter in advance. At FIDUS we have a full database of professional medical interpreters that are experienced in medical terminology. They will help you to describe your feelings, symptoms, etc.



Do you need to make your global meetings successful? We can help you to achieve it in-person or remotely. We offer simultaneous, consecutive, escort, BSL (British Sign Language) or chuchotage services.

We will make sure that your meetings run smoothly and that all your objectives and ideas are translated to your clients, public… impartially. All our interpreters adhere strictly to our confidential agreement and the code of ethics. 


It is very important to hire a professional interpreter during all the stages of any legal process if someone in the courtroom does not understand 100% the language spoken. This task is quite complex, as everything what the interpreter says is considered as fact, which means that the interpreter has to ensure that the communication is highly accurate.

Court interpreters work with judges, attorneys, litigants, witnesses, etc and they can do their job using three different models of interpreting: Consecutive, Simultaneous and Sight Interpreting (oral rendition of a written document for the benefit of the witnesses or defendants, in Insight translation, the interpreter reads aloud the written document in the target language). 

Interpreting | Translation | Localisation

At Fidus Translations, we help companies reach global audience through effective communication in any language you choose. Our team comprises professional interpreters and translators who have the experience to ensure your message is delivered accurately, with the right tone and feeling.
We are a fast-growing business that has expanded its operations to cater to the needs of clients all over the world. Our interpreters are fully vetted and trained to ensure they can communicate with anyone from any background.


Meet Our Professional Team of Interpreters

Our interpreters are experienced professionals who are native to the languages they translate and have extensive experience in the fields they interpret in. Our goal is to consistently deliver high-quality work to help you achieve your goals—reaching an audience at a significant event or putting together a marketing strategy that makes sense across cultures.

Extinguishing your language barriers!

If you’re looking for interpreting agencies near you, look no further. We’re Fidus Translations, and we’ve worked with agencies for as long as we’ve been in business.

We provide our clients with the most accurate and efficient interpretation services and a friendly and professional team of interpreters who will ensure that your business runs smoothly at every stage of its development.

Quality Professional Translation Services

Our mission is simple: we want to ensure that all people have access to the same information to get the best treatment possible and make informed decisions about their lives. We’ve made it our goal at Fidus Translations. to ensure everyone gets the same chance at success in their native language and culture as everyone else does in theirs.
We also offer interpreting jobs in Birmingham, which means that if you’re looking to work with us, we’ll make sure that you can make your way to our offices easily so that you can keep doing what you love!

We empower you to break down language hitch.

Whether you’re looking for a simple phone call or an entire conference, we can ensure that your message is translated accurately and professionally. We have decades of experience in the field, and our translators are among the best in the industry.
If you’re trying to break down language barriers and need help finding interpreting agencies near you, look no further than Fidus Translations!

In-person Interpreting Services

At Fidus Translations, we know that the best way to communicate is face-to-face. That’s why we offer in-person interpreting services in Birmingham and the UK. Our interpreters are highly trained and certified, so you can rest assured that your message will be delivered accurately and professionally.


Why Choose Us?

When you need interpreting jobs in Birmingham, choose Fidus Translations. We have a wide range of experience in the field and are known for our reliability and professionalism.

Our team comprises native speakers who have worked as translators, interpreters, and translators for many years. They are familiar with different cultures and can quickly provide accurate and efficient translations.

Our interpreters are available 24/7 to help you with your translation needs. You can rely on us for fast response, turnaround times, and competitive rates!

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