Desktop Publishing services in London

Desktop Publishing

Do you need to modify the design, format or images of your documents?

At FIDUS Translation, we offer Desktop Publishing services (DTP) so that the final visual result of your document is as expected regardless of the changes that the target language may produce. There is no print, brochure, leaflet or any other creative document that our graphic design specialists can’t handle.

We always take care and make sure to assure…

The exact word expansion

When translating the sentences can expand up more than 20% in some languages. At FIDUS we will always try to use the same number of words in order to not to change the layout.

The number formats

We will always localise the currency, times, and dates as they change from one language to another.

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The correct direction

Some languages (Arabic…) are written right-to-left. Our typesetters and designers will make sure to keep the layout as close as possible to the original. 

The layour breaks

One of the most common problems of the DTP translation is the final layout issues. Sometimes it ends up with too much content to fit into the same place. However, we will make sure that the final result looks professional and fits perfectly.

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Ho do we do it?

Once our professional linguists translate your user manuals, brochures, newsletters, posters, slides, marketing collateral, catalogues, magazines, eBooks, menus… our design and typesetting experts start with the layout changing. They are the ones that will make sure that your documents will be print- ready for your audience. The process involves 3 steps.


Our linguists will translate all the content first, they will follow your brand style and will use all the guides and glossaries provided. The most important thing for us is to ensure quality and consistency to your brand.


Once the translation is ready, the project is assigned to one of our DTP specialists


The DTP artist and the translator will implement the final adjustments and will prepare the final, ready-to-use format.

Why should you use FIDUS DTP services?

We will customise your package translation + DTP according to your business needs.

We will use the most up to date software on the market to make sure that your documents are aesthetically pleasing and well-designed.

Our team (+ 1500 expert designers) can work with any language and can prepare projects of any size and format to any deadline . They have extensive experience of working with clients around the world. All of them will help you to crate great looking materials in all the languages

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